Hetken taajuus / The Frequency of a Moment (2022)

In the piece one is momentarily positioned on the wavelengths of a ray of light wandering through infinity. The installation has the visible spectrum of a light beam traveling at great speed made observable. As the spectator moves within the space, they will either move towards low frequencies and the long-wave red or towards high frequencies and the short-wave blue.


Kukaan ei oo sulle tarpeeks (2020)
acryl on canvas 90 x 65 cm

How it feels when you hold me (2020)
acryl on canvas 75 x 55 cm
Lost in time (2020)
acryl & bronze on canvas 75 x 55 cm
Elo (2022)
oil on wood 37 x 26,5 cm
Wandering / Le Cygne (2020)
acryl on canvas 75 x 55 cm
Iloo Putoo (2021 – WIP)
oil on canvas 180 x 120 cm